How to create Q and A templates for the performance review?

Category: Performance provides a new option to create Q&A templates for adding it as a questionnaire for the initiated Performance Reviews. These Q&A templates can be added to different types of Performance Reviews. 

What is the use of this feature?

Create and group your questions in a Q&A Template and use it for newly initiated different types of Performance Reviews.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left menu.

Note: Only Super User can create/edit Q&A templates.

Click on the + icon to create a new Q&A template.

Note: By default, the Affinity and Standard Review question templates will be present.

Step 2

You can add columns and insert attributes to form a questionnaire.

In the Inspector tab, you can set the visibility for specific questions.

Note: Peer assessments can be further customized to set visibility for Peer and Reportees.

You can even set Visibility for specific questions for Employee Sign Off and HR Sign Off.

Finally, click Save.

The newly created Q&A template will be reflected on the creation menu.

Step 3

While initiating a new review you can select the newly created Q&A template. 

While the users performing the assessment the Q&A template questions will be reflected.

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