How to customize the Review Summary Box for Performance Reviews in

Category: Performance allows users to customize their Review summary box that reflects the performance evaluation scores and ratings of the employee.

Why this Feature?

  • Review summary information contains summary boxes that give users a magnified look at the performance scores and ratings.
  • The Review summary box helps users to understand the overall evaluation of the performance review based on the Managers and Peers Rating as well as OKR and Goals scores.
  • Users can now customize the label and color of the Review summary box based on organizational needs.

Note: Only Super Users can customize the Review Summary box.

Step 1

As a first step navigate to the Settings icon.

Settings Navigation

Step 2

In the Settings menu, click Performance → Reviews and select the Rating Controls tab.

On the Summary Information, click on   to Edit. You can also Disable the specific summary boxes according to organizational needs.

For instance, Let’s customize the Performance Score.

Performance Score

Step 3:

In the Performance score side panel, you can customize the overall appearance of the Review Summary box. Select any color from the palette to change the Box Color.

For instance, Let’s select Blue as the Box Color.

Box color

Step 4:

To customize the Text Color, select Custom from the drop-down menu and choose any color from the palette.

For instance, Let’s select the color dark red as the Text color.

Text color

Step 5:

You can also select the Label as Ranking or Rating from the drop-down menu. 


Step 6:

You can enable the Calculate scores with performance Scores with Weights toggle which will consider your weights for performance scores.

You can set the visibility option for showing the score to those specific users who have performed in the Performance Review from the Show Scores option.

Finally, click on Update.

Note: This will be reflected in newly generated reviews.

Show scores for

The customized Review Summary Box will be displayed in Review Summary Information as shown below. 


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