How to enable Performance Reviews?

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Performance reviews are conducted by HRs and Managers to evaluate the skills and performance of the employees. And it gives a reliable and Precise evaluating opportunity and helps employees to assess themselves with accuracy in presenting their skills. helps you to enable the Performance Review for conducting the Employees Assessments.

Why this feature?

To conduct a Performance Review on employees you should enable the Performance Review in the settings. Once you enable it you can now add initiators to start the review and start conducting assessments on employees like self-assessment, peer assessment, manager and secondary manager assessment, etc for the effective 360-degree review.

Note: You must be a super user to perform the tasks given below.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings —> Performance —> Reviews


Step 2:

Enable the Employee Performance Review toggle.


Step 3:

Now you’ve enabled performance review for your organization.



You can view the enabled Performance review in the Navigation menu as follows,


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