How to Export Performance Reviews from the HR Dashboard?

Category: Performance provides an option to export performance review data from the HR Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

  • By using this feature, the HR Admin can download the performance review data in a .CSV or XLS format.
  • HR Adminis will be able to access the export history and view the download status of the performance reviews.

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews and select the review you wish to export data.

Reviews Navigation

Step 2

In the HR Dashboard of the selected review, click on the Export icon, then select the File Format, and click on Download.

To view the review information, click on the Export History button.

Export Reviews

The review information and download status are displayed in the Export History window.

Note: The Export History displays the status for organizations with more than 300 users.

Export History

The performance review data will be downloaded in the chosen format as shown below.

Review Data

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