How to extend approval/request if the user has not completed the assessment for the Performance Review within the scheduled date?

Category: Performance allows an option to request for extension if the scheduled date is lapsed without completing the performance review.

Why this feature?

If the user is not getting enough time to perform the assessment and if the scheduled date expires. You can then request the extension by providing a valuable comment.

Step 1

Select the Performance Review which you want by going to Performance → My Reviews. If you haven’t completed the assessment , in your menu the icon will be getting the status as “Incomplete Auto Close”.

Step 2

Click on the option Request Extension on the top right corner of the review menu.

Provide the comments and click on the button Request.

Note: In self, manager, and peer assessment pages, you will see the Request Extension button on the top right corner. This will appear only if the review is submitted or autocomplete.

Step 3

After that, the HR needs to accept the request for Request Extension.

Once the HR approves the request, the user can perform the assessment and it will change to the status as Pending.

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