How to Reopen Peer Assessment from HR Dashboard?

Category: Performance

The HR can reopen the assessment of peers as well from the HR dashboard. You can now click on the reopen button under the Reopen column in the HR dashboard and can roll back the reopened assessment in

Click here to know how to re-open the assessment submitted by the manager in

Note: Only Initiators can perform this action.

Step 1

Go to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews.

Step 2

In the Performance Reviews, select the assessment that you want to reopen.

Step 3

In the HR dashboard, under the peer assessment, you will find the Reopen button in the HR dashboard. For instance, let’s say that you want to reopen the peer assessment of Agnes Fakhira.

Step 4

Once you click on the Reopen button, a pop up will appear, here you can click on the rollback Reopen button for the user who submitted the Peer Assessment. Finally, click Save.

Step 5

The closed peer assessment of Adlina Aufurani is now reopened and rolled back.

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