How to restrict the number of peers in peer assessment ?

Category: Performance

In Performance Management, we can restrict the number of peers while you perform a peer assessment review

Why this feature?

Using this feature, you can limit the number of peers that can be nominated for peer reviews during the performance review process.

Note: Only the Super Users will be able to set the limit for peer assessment.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Under the category Review Process, click on the  icon to edit the Peer Assessment menu.

Step 2

Enable the toggle for the option “Limit the number of peers for each employee assessment”.

By enabling it, the maximum default minimum value will be 0 and the maximum default value will be 1. For instance, let’s update the minimum value as 1 and the maximum value as 3.

After setting the count close the Peer Assessment menu and click Update.

Step 3

Select the Modified Template for initiating a new Review.

The assessment-performing users can’t be able to add more than three users to perform the Peer Assessment. The checkbox for selecting the employee will be blurred.

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