How to restrict users from creating Goals within a specific time period?

Category: Performance provides an option to set restrictions for the users who create Goals on a specific time period.

Why this feature?

By using this feature, Super Users can restrict Profit Users to creating new Goals for a specific time period.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Goals from the left navigation menu.

Under the General category click on “Show Advance Options”.

Enable the “Restrict Goal to specific timeframe” toggle and set the days for restricting the Profit Users to create Goals. 

For instance, if we set 10 days for the Window Starts, the Profit User can start 10 days before the new Quarter to create a new Goal. Also at the same time, if we set 20 days for the Window Ends, the Profit User can’t create new Goals after 20 days from the beginning of a New Quarter.

Step 2

If the Profit user wants to create Goals within the specific time frame the normal approval process will be followed.

If the Profit User wants to create a new Goal beyond the timeframe, they will not have access to create new goals.

Step 4

Under the Windows extensions section, Add approvers to People who can extend window.

The approvers will be added as shown below,

Step 5

If the Profit User wants to create new Goals, they need to submit the reason for Request Extension.

The assigned Approver needs to approve the request from the Action Center.

Or the approver can navigate to the Performance → Goals → Goal Authoring Window from the left navigation menu to approve the request.

Click on the Unlock button to provide access and set days for the Extension Period.

Note: The user needs to get approval to create a new goal after the Extension Period.

Now the user will have access to create Goals.

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