How to set mandatory comments for specific ratings in the Performance Review?

Category: Performance provides an option to set mandatory comments for the specific ratings when the user performs the assessment in Performance Reviews.

Why this feature?

By setting mandatory comments the users can identify the reason why the other users have provided us with different ratings for the Competencies, OKRs, and Goals in the Performance Reviews.

Note: Only the Super Users can set the Mandatory comments.

We can set Mandatory comments on, 

  • Self Assessments
  • Manager Assessments
  • Peer Assessments
  • External Reviewer Assessments
  • Matrix Manager Assessments

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Click on the  Edit icon of the Review template you want to make the changes to.

For instance, let’s set mandatory comments for the Self Assessment. Under the category Review Process, click on the  icon to edit the Self Assessment menu.

In the Competencies section set a mandatory comment for the rating Satisfactory. After enabling the Mandate Comments, click on Apply.

After setting the mandate comments close the Assessment menu and click Update.

Step 2

While performing the self-assessment if the user gives the rating Satisfactory.

The user performing the self-assessment will be getting the red outline in the input box to provide the comment.

If the user tries to submit the assessment without providing a comment.

The user will get an Alert Message to provide the comment.

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