How to set visibility for manager assessment in performance reviews?

Category: Performance allows users to customize and restrict the visibility of manager assessments in Performance Reviews.

Why this feature?

  • Managers can evaluate their employee’s performance to identify their skill assets, shortcomings, and areas of concern in Performance Reviews
  • By using this feature, the Super User can confine the visibility for those involved in the assessment process to view the manager assessment.
  • Users will be provided with an opportunity to view the assessment quite thoroughly which helps them to identify areas of concern and improve their performance.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Template from the left navigation panel and click on the  Edit icon for the Review Template.

Step 2

On the Edit Review Template page, select the Review Process section and click on the  Edit icon for Manager Assessment.

Step 3

In the Manager Assessment Options, under Who can view self-assessment? Click on the reviewer you wish to set the visibility. 

For instance, let’s set visibility for the self to view the manager assessment once the entire review is completed. 

Step 4

Once done,  navigate back to the Edit Review Template page and click on Update.

Now users will be able to view the manager assessment for completed reviews.  Navigate to Settings → Performance → My Reviews from the left navigation panel. 

Select the Past Reviews tab and click on the Completed Review you wish to view the manager assessment. 

In the My Review: Past page, click on the Manager Assessment tab to view the score awarded for your performance by your manager.

The manager's final assessment comments will be displayed in the Overall Comments section. 

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