What is 9 Box Matrix in Performance management?

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Profit.co provides an option for users to create 9 box matrix. The 9-box matrix or 9-box grid is a matrix tool that evaluates and plots the organization’s talent pool based on many factors like performance assessments.

Why this feature?

  • The 9 Box matrix displays the organization’s high and low performers in a visual dashboard that enables users to identify and improve talents.
  • The potential assessment, goal score, OKR score, Manager’s overall rating, self overall rating, and secondary reviewers’ overall rating can be plotted together for a cumulative score display of individuals in the organization.
  • These factors can be plotted on the X-axis (horizontal) and Y-axis (vertical) based on the organizational requirement.
  • Employees’ self-assessment score and their performance assessment scores(provided by others), will be averaged to determine where they will fall on the 9 Box Matrix.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance→ Dashboard from the left navigation panel.

On the Dashboards page, select the 9 Box Matrices tab and click on the + icon to create a new 9-Box Matrix.

Note: You can also edit the Standard template according to your preferences.

Click on the + icon to create a new 9-Box matrix.

Step 2

In the Create 9 Box Matrix page, enable the toggle.

Provide a name for your 9-box matrix and select users from the Access List.

The X-axis denotes the Manager competency score and the Y-axis denotes the Potential Assessment.

Users can enable the Formula toggle and insert custom attributes for plotting the graph.

Users can also edit the plotted factors to match their descriptions and customize them based on organizational needs.

Step 3

Based on their individual scores, employees will be categorized and plotted in the matrix according to appropriate predefined criteria as displayed below.

  • Enigma
  • Growth Employee
  • Star
  • Assess
  • Core Employee
  • High Impact Contributor
  • Under Performer
  • Effective Employee
  • Trusted Employee
  • Core Employee

In the 9 Box Matrix Dashboard, users can Filter Performance Reviews, Review Participants Job Titles and Departments to Export the data as .CSV or .XLS document.

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