What is a Goal Progress dashboard?

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Profit.co provides an exclusive dashboard for goals to view the progress updates and statuses of all the employee’s goals in one place.

Why this Feature?

This feature helps users to view the total number of goals, active goals, completed goals, and the overall progress percentage of goals in a visual dashboard. Users can also view the circular piechart of goals based on the status of the progression of goals.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → Dashboard→ Goals Progress from the left navigation panel.

Goals Progress Navigation

Step 2:

In the Goal Progress Dashboard, scroll right and click on the Elipsis view_icon icon to View the user’s goal status.

Goal Progress dashboard

The selected employee's goal status will be displayed as shown below.

Progress Status

Step 3:

You can also select the Department, Owner, Manager, and Periods by clicking on the Filter icon from the top menu.

Filters in Dashboard

For instance, Let’s filter Customer Sucess and IT Departments and Q2-2021 and Q2-2022 Periods.


Period Filter

The selected departments and periods will be displayed as shown below.

Users can also Download the Goal Progress by clicking on the Export download_iconicon.

Export Progress

The file will be downloaded in CSV format as shown below.


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