What is a Review Summary Dashboard?

Category: Performance

Profit.co has launched a review summary dashboard in order to deliver a magnified look of the performance review process. All the open-ended answers provided by the managers and peers can be viewed in the dashboard at one shot.

Note: Only Super users can configure the dashboard in the settings.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance→ Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

In the performance review page, enable the Review summary Builder toggle and click on the Customize button.

click on the Customize button

Step 3

Now the dashboard has the following components to configure with many components to come in the future.

Feedback from Manager

Feedback from Peers

Affinity chart ( for affinity-based reviews)

Super Users can select the questions in the question builder which should be shared with the employee through a review summary dashboard.


Step 4

Once you complete the review, it will be available on the manager and HR assessment page, and once they complete the review, it will be visible to the employees as well and they can carry on with the self-assessment.

Performance Reviews

The questions from the question builder will have an option Share Verbatim in the Inspector panel.

Share Verbatim

Step 5

If the toggle share verbatim and Manager Assessment is enabled for a question, then the answer given by the manager will be displayed in the Feedback from Manager section of the Review Summary and similarly for the Peer assessment.

Once you complete the feedback based on the components of the review builder, the review dashboard will display the affinity chart in the following way.

Review Summary

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