How can I assign tasks to others?

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Assigning a task to your team member or any other employee is pretty much a straightforward move. This answer post walks you through the steps of assigning tasks to others.

Step 1:

From the left navigation panel select, Tasks → My Tasks.

You’ll be redirected to the My Tasks view.

My Tasks

Step 2:

Let’s say our manager Roger Smith wants to assign a task to create a schedule for social media posts to his subordinate Alice Mills.

create a schedule for social media posts

Step 3:

He will click the task and in the Upcoming Tasks Form, he can simply type in the name of his subordinate Alice Mills. You can see that as he types in alice automatically shows the search result below.

Upcoming Tasks

Otherwise, Roger can also browse through the employees and assign it to an employee just in case if he is not sure about the employee's name.

Click on the search icon in the Assigned To field and you can do an employee search from the list as shown.

He can search for the employee using their first name or last name. Employees can also be searched using their email address.

search for the employee

Click Select to select this employee. Now you can see the Assigned To field is changed to Alice Mills.

Finally, click Update and this task will be assigned to their name and will be removed from Roger Smith’s My Tasks view to the assignee’s My Task view.

Now you can see the task Create a schedule for Social Media posts is in the My Tasks view of Alice Mills.

My Tasks view

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