How to copy workspace/boards in Task Management along with Tasks?

Category: Tasks provides an option to copy Workspace/Boards in Task Management along with Tasks.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature we can copy the Workspace/Boards along with its Tasks. While copying the Boards with Tasks, you can select the attributes that need to be copied along with the Tasks.

Step 1

To copy any workspace, Navigate to the Tasks → Workspace from the left menu and click on the Ellipsis icon, and select Copy Workspace.

While copying the Workspace, click on the option Copy Boards with Tasks.

Note: Before copying the workspace, some of the attributes like Assignees, Priority, Stages, and Status will be selected by default.

The workspace containing all the Boards and Tasks will be copied.

Step 2

Similarly, if you use the option Copy Boards.

Only the Boards will be copied, not the Tasks.

Inside the Workspace/Boards, the task won’t be present.

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