How to create sub tasks for an already existing task?

Category: Tasks provides an option to create a sub-task for an already existing task.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows you to create sub-tasks underneath the existing tasks based on your requirements.
  • Similar to tasks, sub-tasks can also be assigned to an employee with an added target date, priority, and other additional information.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Tasks →Security in the left navigation panel. On the Security page, under the Task Controls section, enable the toggle for Sub Tasks.

Navigate to Tasks →My Tasks from the left navigation panel. You will be directed to the My Tasks page.

Step 2

Select the task to which you want to create the subtasks. Hover your cursor on the workboard and Click on the  + Add Sub Tasks icon to add the new Sub Tasks.

You’ll be redirected to the Tasks form. Under Sub Tasks, you can Add a new sub-task and you can also select the Assignee, Due Date, Tags, and Priority.

Once done, click Save.

Now the newly created Sub-Task will be added under the Existing task.

Step 3 

You can also create Sub Tasks through the List View by clicking on the + Add Sub Task icon.

After creating the new subtask it will be visible under the parent task.

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