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For a business to be successful, its owner needs to get the brand out there. It needs to become known among the masses – to be recognized instantly by those who interact with it.

Most of the brand awareness nowadays is done on social media – particularly on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. While these platforms went through their own brand awareness system, they have now become a stepping stone for getting your business out there.

Defining Brand Awareness Metric

As its name suggests, the brand awareness metric will track and record your brand’s performance – both on branded search and social media. Simply put, this metric will try to capture the progress of your brand and see how much it has changed over time – for better or for worse.

This metric features four key measures in providing a read:

  • Facebook Fans and Posts:
    Facebook is a strong domain nowadays, which is why digital marketers should always consider these campaigns. The more Facebook posts you find every day about a brand, the more successful it can be considered.
  • Followers on Twitter: Twitter is also a strong force, which is why tracking a business will provide you data over how your brand is progressing. Compare it with the posts and data that you have found over time, and you will get an accurate read of our brand awareness improvement.
  • Mentions of the Brand:This option is unique, considering that it provides data on how many times your brand was mentioned on the internet. This will include anything from blogs to social media and third-party websites. In order to calculate this metric, you may want to go for social listening services (such as Talkwalker).
  • Branded Search: If you look at how many people looked up your brand on a search engine, you will get a pretty good idea of how your brand awareness is going.
  • Comparison Periods: By checking the comparison periods indicated by the %MoM columns, you can see how well your business is trending over time. The more visitors you get to your website, the more your brand awareness is growing.

Best Practices for Brand Awareness

In order to improve your brand awareness, there are several practices that you may want to keep in mind:
Influencers are a good thing to have as the owners of a growing business. Therefore, if you want your brand awareness to grow, you may want to develop a strong relationship with those influencers.

Every platform is different – which is why it’s never recommended that you treat them the same. Do not share the same content on all media platforms; to be successful, try to stick to the platform’s rules.

Social media needs to be continuously monitored if you want to get your brand out there. Regular meetings are necessary for fine-tuning if you want to increase your brand awareness.

This metric is a fairly useful tool if you want to track your brand’s awareness. However, to reap all the benefits, you may want to try other metrics alongside it, to test your website’s performance.

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