Traffic Concentration

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Have you ever wondered what those packets sent and received on the small icon of your start bar are? When you’ve got a stable internet connection via cable, the packets sent and received are basically clumps of data that you send and receive (obviously). On another scale, these clumps of data are highly important for a website that you administer. It shows you exactly how much traffic is on a specific part of a website – and the whole website as well.

For example, if your website has a number of categories like contact info and products, you can see which one of the sections and subsections of those tabs were accessed more often. The ratio is calculated in a simple way. Let’s find out below.

Web Traffic Concentration Formula

The formula is a basic one. Simply divide the visitors on a page by the total site visitors and you’ll get all the traffic for a certain tab or page. Simple enough, the formula would look like this:

Web Traffic Concentration
Visitors on a pageTotal site visitors

The calculation concentrates its result to only one page, so you can compare all pages. This way, you can see which page had more attention.

This is usually done once a week – just so that you can get an exact idea of what gathers attention on your site. This way, you can figure out what you need to change on your site to get more attention. But now remains only one question: How do you get attention and traffic on your site?

How to Get Web Traffic

Everybody heard about SEO. This stands for Search Engine Optimization. Therefore, you need to introduce some keywords on your webpage for people to find you much easier. However, this is not a top tip, as many websites have implemented this SEO. But there is a thing called LSEO that stand for Local Search Engine Optimization. This is another thing that could enhance your marketing strategy.

Ever thought about inserting anchor texts? Inserting a hyperlink to another page on your website – one that contains relevant information – will give you the traffic boost you were looking for. And even Google can trace these anchor texts – so everything helps.

Want to get even more traffic? Hire a tech head to make your site mobile friendly as well. Traffic will come from mobile devices too, even if it’s a tablet or mobile phone. Some mobile phone users get deterred from continuing to visit a website – especially if they have to maximize constantly the content to be able to read. Making everything user-friendly is about getting that much-desired traffic.

To conclude with, getting web traffic for a certain page or for the whole website can give you lots of advantages. Optimizing your website to be found by internet surfers is the best way to do it. This will make your site (and the pages linked to it) to be much easier to find. Also, be sure to calculate the traffic on a weekly basis to know what page you should insist more on.

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