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“Total visits” refers to the total number of visits your website got during a certain period. It’s something very simple, but something important, because it can show you whether certain content or methods were successful or not. Consequently, you know what to post more and what you need to improve.

So, if you want to know more about this metric and its importance for your website, keep reading this article and you’ll be able to find out.

Definition and Interpretation

Sessions or visits are metrics used to estimate the total number of times someone visits your website and navigates on it. In digital marketing, they are very important, because they are used with the conversion rate to measure an online store’s performance.

So, in other words, visits are an important measurement that shows an online store’s ability to attract visitors and potential customers. However, they are just like any web metric, which means that they can’t be viewed in a vacuum. Basically, they depend on many factors and marketing strategies.

Therefore, some things to consider when using the metric are:

– Whether the Traffic is Paying Off or Not

You can get a lot of traffic, but does it really matter that much if nobody buys anything? Sales need to be generated, so even if a big visitor number is something to be happy about, they need to pay off and generate sales too.

– Where the Visits are Coming from

There are certain traffic sources that bring you, visitors, such as referrals and paid visits, for instance. One source may improve, whereas another decreases and drags down the whole performance. If traffic is segmented, you will be able to see which sources bring most of the visits, and you will be able to find out where improvement is needed.

– Why There is a Decrease in Traffic

When interpreting visits, it’s important to take the “seasonality” into consideration, which is the flow of search traffic. For instance, you should expect visits to increase during Christmas and decrease during summer. Third-party mentions and offline advertisements can be other influencers.


The total views can either be for the whole website, or for certain pages.

So, every month, you will be able to see how many people access your website. It can either be by clicking on social media links, typing the link into the browser search bar or by finding it on search engines.

The total page visits indicate the number of visits a certain page gets. So, for instance, if Valentine’s Day is approaching and you sell gifts, certain products will get more views compared to others. You will, thus, be able to know what spurred people’s curiosity the most and what didn’t.

Final Thoughts

Total views can show a marketer how many visits their website gets. As a result, they will be able to improve their methods and generate more visits. Consequently, more visits may result in more sales, and that is the main goal of an online store. Therefore, views are a useful metric.

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