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Among the three basic marketing metrics strategies every business should be measuring you might find this unusual, yet very useful formula:

New Customers that Started as a Marketing Lead/New Customers in a Month= Marketing Originated Customer Percentage

This is a ratio that aims at emphasizing how much your business is driven by the marketing team. Because it determines what percentage of your total customer acquisition originated from marketing techniques you’ve invested in and manage to accomplish, it is called Marketing Originated Customers metric.

Marketing Originated Customers: Why is this Metric so Important for Your Business?

This metric called marketing originated customers gives you the chance to have a clear insight into how much your customer percentage has been gained by online marketing. You might have invested in such tools and techniques and therefore, you should expect your audience to grow consequently. Not only will you have a clear number of people who found out about your business through the online ads you have spread all over the world, but you will also know exactly what to do next and how to do it better, based on the calculation of this metric.

The marketing originated customer percentage makes sure you have the precise clear idea about your business’ growth, measuring it in the percentage of the people who have lately become interested in your services, by clicking on your ads or being directed from other websites. Therefore, this metric definitely has a major role in helping a company grow and acquire new business.

Marketing Originated Customers: How to Boost Your Marketing Originated Customers Percentage?

To boost the percentage of your marketing originated customers, you should make sure you take into account many tools that help you in achieving a higher percentage. This means that you should invest time and sometimes money into promoting your services online on many levels, from ads to invitations sent through e-mail. You can always find new customers if you choose the keywords wisely, create appealing ads and know your customers very well, so as to speak their language and promote things that suit their needs and desires.

Generating new sales leads is only possible if you attract the right audience. Therefore, make sure you conduct marketing researches, define the market for your product, leverage your website and – last but not least – advertise wisely. Make sure your advertising is effective and, in this way, every investment will only come with benefits, bringing new customers being among the most important ones. With these tips in your mind, your marketing originated customers rate will improve significantly in no time if you know when and how to appeal to your target audience.

Final Statement

This is one of the most important metrics you should consider if you run a marketing strategy that aims at making your business successful and your services well-known among potential customers. If you want a clear assessment of your online success, make sure you take the marketing originated customers rate into account, only after you’ve made sure your goals are clear and you’re ready to welcome them.

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