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Ever seen those pesky ads on the upper right corner of Facebook – the ones that you’re always clicking by mistake? Well, referral traffic is about this. Advertising your website is everything.

Studies show that more than 200 million people are constantly active on Facebook – so why not advertise there? There are chances that those people are looking for various things and stumble upon your ad. Remember that on your ad, you need to put only accurate information – and the most relevant to all parties. Original content is also an important aspect.

Once somebody clicks on your ad, you get traffic. And internet traffic, in this case, is measured in users. A simple formula is used to calculate this referral traffic. However, it is better to calculate on a monthly basis, so that you can see the trends exactly and keep track of your ads.

Referral Traffic Formula

Simple math will give you the information you are looking for. Just divide the traffic coming from other sites to the total traffic and then multiplying that number by 100. The result will be a ratio. By comparing this ratio to the earlier ones, you can get an idea of what comes next. Should you advertise more on other platforms, or should you just keep a steady pace on what you advertised so far?

So, the formula should look like this: (Traffic coming from other sites/Total traffic) X 100 = Referral Traffic. Simple and on spot, you can figure out where you have lost your audience. But in order to get an audience for your ads, you need to make the ads first. Let’s see how you can advertise your company or services.


From all social media users, roughly 57 % of all use Facebook, followed by Twitter and Pinterest. Why is Facebook the main choice for companies to advertise? Because you can either create a page for your company with all your details or create an add – or even do both.

Facebook listened to other companies about their needs and along came an innovative idea: to be able to slide a video on the webpage so the visitors can watch and get a better idea of what the company is offering. It may not seem much, but it has a better impact on the customer compared to images and written information.
Although you can advertise on Facebook, other social media sites are also good – but taking the most used one is the best choice.

Sites with Ad Slots

Countless times you’ve seen this on a visited website: a blank square with “Your ad here”. Well, that’s almost enough said, because when you see that blank space, you can easily advertise there with a regular fee. However, choosing the site with the most traffic is essential so that you can get traffic as well.

To conclude all the above information, advertising will save you from all those things that are not going in your favor – such as recognition. Getting attention is simple if you follow all the right steps and keeping track of your traffic is essential when it comes to designing your marketing strategy.

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