Website Traffic Lead Ratio

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To start with, the website traffic lead ratio provides specific information concerning the number of website visitors that actually converts to leads. This metric is, without a doubt, really useful, as it allows you to assess the quality of your website traffic, and whether you should change your strategy or not.
In addition, it is even more important for businesses whose websites represent a quintessential business tool. If your website is popular, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your number of leads is high. But, the truth is that a website’s popularity isn’t necessarily linked with its profitability. This is why you ought to track down the actual number of visits that result into leads.

Why Does it Matter?

Regardless of the way in which your potential customers reach your website, it’s critical to capture palpable, genuine leads. You might have invested in a user-friendly website, which is easy to browse through, as it’s intuitive. Nevertheless, if you don’t manage to optimize your potential and accomplish results, then you have a problem. This is where the website traffic lead ratio comes in – it pinpoints the existence of a problem, if any.

Concurrently, by tracking your website traffic lead ratio over a given timeframe, you can determine whether the changes you have implemented have helped or the other way around. Change and innovation are of utmost importance when running a business. If you don’t implement the right changes, you might lose potential customers.

To that end, it is highly recommended to play with different types of content, distinct types of designs, layouts, perhaps incorporate a pop-up or add reviews or testimonials, in an attempt to inspire reliability. So, as you include these changes, you ought to determine if they are really efficient, considering your target audience and industry.

That’s primarily because each industry has its specifics. What may be really successful in an industry might not bring identical results in your industry – something to carry in mind.

How do You Calculate the Website Traffic Lead Ratio?

Moving on to calculating the website traffic lead radio, let’s say that your website has 1,000 website visits and 100 new leads in a month’s time. That would entail that your website traffic lead ratio is of 10:1. In plain English, your conversion rate is of 10 percent.

Your goal should be to maximize your website traffic lead ratio over the course of time. It would be realistic to argue that your traffic to lead ratio will depend on your industry. But, in the case in which it drops below 4 percent, then, it might be a good idea to rethink your strategy and update your website. That would mean that all your website does is attract potential clients as opposed to attracting actual customers that bring you profit.

On the whole, in order to facilitate a comprehensive view of your digital marketing performance, it is indicated to consider other similar web metrics, as well. In this way, you’ll be able to pinpoint the areas in which you should implement changes.

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