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OKRs are considered to be the goal-setting tool that manages the performance of the organizations effectively. While considering the various departments of an organization, the engineering department needs more attention, as they play a massive role in maintaining and developing core products, as well as to enhance the usability of the customers/clients based on UIX. Operating engineering department can be crucial, with OKRs you can plan and execute the various domains like Systems Integrations OKRs, Backend process OKRs, Mobile Applications OKRs, User Interface OKRs, Quality Assurance (QA) OKRs & Product management OKRs easily.

Engineering teams always look for ways to improve the quality of their product for which the quality of the product has to be measured. To measure the quality and stability of the product, they can use the following KPIs:

1. API response time
API response time is the amount of time taken between a system receiving a request and responding to it. If your current API response time is 1000ms, reducing it to 400ms will dramatically improve your product and, in turn, enhance the user experience.

2. Production exceptions
Exceptions in production systems will have a major impact on application performance and degrade product stability. For example, if you currently have 2,000 exceptions in production, decreasing it to 200 will greatly improve the quality of the product.

3. TrackJS errors
A high number of TrackJS errors indicates that customers are constantly running into javascript errors in your product. If your TrackJS errors are currently at 1,000, reducing it to 100 by fixing bugs will help improve the product quality and contribute to a better user experience.

Using these units of measurement, engineering teams can then develop an OKR to improve their product’s quality/stability:

    Objective: Improve Quality/Stability

  • KR1: Ensure that the API Response time is at most 400ms per week
  • KR2: Decrease Production Exceptions from 2000 to 200
  • KR3: Decrease TrackJS Errors from 1000 to 100
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