Improve Quality/Stability

Category: Engineering OKRs.

An Engineering team wants to improve the quality of their product. How can they measure if they are delivering a better quality product?
These are some potential indicators:

1. API response time
API response time is the amount of time taken between the request and response by an endpoint with the computed results. When you reduce the current API response time to 400ms from 1000ms, it will certainly improve the system performance and enhances the user experience.

2. Production exceptions
Exceptions in production systems will have a major impact on application performance and degrades the stablity. For example, if you are having 2000 exceptions in production and decreasing it to 200 will have a great improvement in quality.

3. TrackJS errors
High TrackJS errors would indicate customers are constantly running into javascript errors. If your TrackJS errors are 1000, reducing it to 100 by fixing bugs will help improve the product quality and better performance

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