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  • Engineering in tech companies plays a critical function. Engineering is responsible for developing the core product which forms the crux of the business – what they are making and selling and what their customers are buying and using. The VP of Engineering, along with the CTO, typically sets up the Engineering team and is responsible for developing the Technology roadmap, assessing the time required to provide new features/products and delivering quality releases on schedule.
  • The Engineering department may include several functions – Data, Infrastructure, Reliability & Security, Developer Productivity, Enterprise Productivity, Project Management, Design, UX, Development, Integration, QA, Devops etc and ensures the realization of product vision through execution.
  • Here, we have showcased OKR examples for various domains within the Engineering department such as, Systems Integrations OKRs, Backend process OKRs, Mobile Applications OKRs, User Interface OKRs, Quality Assurance (QA) OKRs & Product management OKRs.

#1: Reliability & Security OKRs

To build an efficient product, the first thing to focus on is improving the stability of the product, with supportive key results that ensures APIs response time, decreases production exceptions, and decreases the TrackJS errors.

objective icon1Objective

David Griffin

Improve Product Stability


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon1Key Results

Ensure APIs response time within 400 ms

Q3-2020 control kpi1 APIs response time
200 ms 600 ms 387 ms


Decrease production exceptions from 2000 to 200

Q3-2020img-roger-smith-assignee1 decrease kpi1 Production Exceptions
2000 200 1165


Decrease TrackJS errors to 0

Q3-2020img-alice-assignee1 decrease kpi2 TrackJS Errors
8 0 1


#2: Data Security OKRs

Improve data security and recovery rate for the application by safeguarding against any security breaches, reducing the time taken to data migration/ backup, and increasing the data recovery rate.

objective icon2Objective

David Griffin

Increase data security and recovery rate in the application


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon2Key Results

Decrease the data breach incidents from 3 to 0 in the application

Q3-2020img-jack-assignee1 decrease kpi3 Data breach
3 0 2


Increase data recovery rate from 95% to 100%

Q3-2020 increase kpi1 Data recovery rate
95% 100% 96%


Decrease the time taken for backup from 4 hours to 1 hour

Q3-2020img-benny-powell-assignee1 decrease kpi4 Data back uptime
4 hour(s) 1 hour(s) 3 hour(s)


#3: Usability OKRs

User experience defines users’ impressions of your website or other application based on how easy and pleasant it is to use. Create usability OKRs to Improve user experience by reducing friction between your website and your target audience

objective icon3Objective

David Griffin

Improve User Experience


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon3Key Results

Decrease New user signup time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes

Q3-2020img-adams-assignee1 decrease kpi5 New user signup time
10 min(s) 2 min(s) 5 min(s)


Increase System Usability Scale from 80 to 90

Q3-2020img-bertram-assignee1 increase kpi2 System Usability Scale
80 90 85


Increase the Net Promoter Score from 6 to 9

Q3-2020 increase kpi3 Net Promoter Score
6 9 7


#4: Engineering OKRs

Localization footprint is an important aspect that needs to be addressed in order to grow the audience of the software geographically. Building such a great OKR with substantial key results that increase the support of new languages, KRs that ensure to maintain proper localization of features with updated documents required for it.

objective icon4Objective

David Griffin

Improve Localization Footprint


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon4Key Results

Increase support of new languages from 5 to 10 this quarter

Q3-2020img-bertram-assignee2 increase kpi4 Languages Supported
5 10 7


Ensure 100% of new features released are supported with localization infrastructure

Q3-2020img-benny-powell-assignee2 milestone control1 Localization Infrastructure
0% 100% 30%

404040 40


Reduce the publishing time of updated localization documents post each release from 8 hours to 4 hours

Q3-2020img-adams-assignee2 decrease kpi6 Localization Documents
8 hour(s) 4 hour(s) 7 hour(s)


#5: Application Development OKRs

Improve Software Development Process to be able to develop adaptive solutions & avoid constant crisis. An objective to improve the quality in the development process can be tracked by setting KRs for increasing the unit test coverage and story point delivery, decreasing the time taken from delivering an idea to release. So try building such key results and stay on track.

objective icon5Objective

David Griffin

Improve the quality of sprint release


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon5Key Results

Increase Code Coverage from 85% to 95%

Q3-2020img-roger-smith-assignee2 increase kpi5 Code Coverage
85% 95% 89%


Increase Automation Test Coverage for unit testing from 60% to 80%

Q3-2020img-jack-assignee2 increase kpi6 Story point delivery
60% 80% 66%


Reduce Cyclomatic Complexity for every code branch from 15 to 6

Q3-2020img-alice-assignee2 decrease kpi7 Cyclomatic Complexity
15 6 8


#6: Engineering OKRs

Improving the stability of product releases will be considered as one of the vital objectives of certain firms, so objectives like this must essentially be supported with key results that decreases unscheduled downtime, decreasing time taken between each release and decreasing the deployment time for addressing production bugs can fasten the process.

objective icon6Objective

David Griffin

Improve the stability of product releases


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon6Key Results

Decrease Unscheduled downtime from 3 hours to 1 hour

Q3-2020img-benny-powell-assignee3 decrease kpi8 Unscheduled downtime
3 hour(s) 1 hour(s) 2 hour(s)


Decrease Time between each release from 30 days to 15 days

Q3-2020 decrease kpi9 Time between each release
30 Day(s) 15 Day(s) 25 Day(s)


Decrease number of emergency patches from 6 to 2 per quarter

Q3-2020img-adams-assignee3 decrease kpi10 Number of emergency patches
6 2 5


#7: Mobile OKRs

Getting more app downloads is a technique and an accomplishment within itself. Engage OKRs to track the right mobile marketing strategy that will boost your mobile app installs. Frame OKRs like launching 3 voice assistant integrations, increasing Android & IOS installs and increasing test coverage on mobile friendly user interfaces that can really help to increase the downloads.

objective icon7Objective

David Griffin

Launch new integrations to increase installs


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon7Key Results

Launch 3 voice assistant integrations (Siri, Google assistant, Cortana)

Q3-2020img-benny-powell-assignee4 milestone control2 voice assistant integrations
0% 100% 15%



Increase Android & IOS installs from 500K to 2000K

Q3-2020img-roger-smith-assignee3 increase kpi7 Android & IOS installs
500K 2M 892.17K


Increase the play store ratings from 3.9 to 4.5

Q3-2020 increase kpi8 Play store rating
3.9 4.5 4


#8: QA OKRs

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic process that ensures product and service excellence. The agile QA process begins at the inception of the software development life cycle itself. Track QA through OKRs to have a control on QA process and improve its efficiency.

objective icon8Objective

David Griffin

Improve QA process to reduce defect leakage


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon8Key Results

Increase functional test coverage from 85% to 99%

Q3-2020img-jack-assignee3 increase kpi9 Functional test coverage
85% 99% 91%


Decrease number of High priority Bugs in production from 2 to 0 KPI

Q3-2020img-roger-smith-assignee4 decrease kpi11 Number of High priority Bugs
2 0 1


Increase Automation test coverage from 80% to 90%

Q3-2020img-bertram-assignee3 increase kpi10 Automation test coverage
80% 90% 83%


#9: QA OKRs

Enhancing the quality control process ensures you can control the defects that might be possible to be introduced per release; Use OKRs to focus on decreasing defect rejection percentage and decrease mean time to detect the defects thereby increasing the Quality of the product in an efficient manner and reducing cost be early detection of defects.

objective icon9Objective

David Griffin

Improve Quality control process


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon9Key Results

Ensure not more than At most 2 defects per release in production

Q3-2020 milestone control2 Number of defects identified in production
0 85 2


Decrease Defect rejection percentage from 15% to 5%

Q3-2020img-roger-smith-assignee5 decrease kpi12 Defect rejection percentage
15% 5% 12%


Decrease Mean Time to Detection of defects from 6 to 2 hrs

Q3-2020img-adams-assignee4 decrease kpi13 Mean Time to Detection
6 hour(s) 2 hour(s) 5 hour(s)


#10: Usability OKRs

Usability is an attribute that describes the ability of an organization to grow and manage increased demand. Improving Usability has an advantage because it is more adaptable to the changing needs or demands of its users or clients. Framing such key results will let you yield trackable results in your engineering team.

objective icon10Objective

David Griffin

Improve Product Usability


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon10Key Results

Increase the usability score from 75 to 85

Q3-2020img-bertram-assignee4 increase kpi11 Usability score
75 85 80


Increase new features usage from 60% to 90%

Q3-2020img-benny-powell-assignee5 increase kpi12 New features usage
60% 90% 79


Increase User satisfaction score from from 70% to 80%

Q3-2020img-jack-assignee4 increase kpi13 User satisfaction score
70% 80% 73%



Profit.co’s OKR software provides an intuitive interface to define your Engineering OKRs and also comes with 300+ predefined KPIs to make OKR adoption easy. By the time you finish going through the examples, you should now be well-equipped to create both group and individual OKRs for engineering. To leverage the many advantages that it can bring to the engineering process, it is important to treat OKR as a journey and not a destination unto itself.

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