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  • Marketing is one of the early functions to completely embrace Digital and Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) have an exciting and challenging role today
  • With the arrival of Digital, CMO’s role has expanded and so have the challenges – Sales expects a constant stream of high-quality leads, speeding up time-to-market, and Keeping up with Competitor activities.
  • With the explosion of social media and Zillion choices, handling customers who demand Personalized offerings at a great value, and also reaching out to target audiences and managing brand reputation within the budget.
  • CMO now has several key responsibilities: Creating and Strengthening the Brand, Generating Leads for sales, Delivering great Customer experience at an excellent value, using data insights and analytics, building Marketing capability using both digital Marketing and traditional marketing.
  • With well-defined marketing OKRs, you can set high standards in all aspects of Marketing -and achieve product leadership.

Here we have showcased some examples of content marketing OKRs, product marketing OKRs, email marketing OKRs, Brand marketing OKRs.

#1: Inbound Marketing OKR Examples

objective icon1Objective

David Griffin

Establish a Solid Lead Gen Engine


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon1Key Results

Increase advisory sites from 5 to 8

Q3-2020 increase kpi1 Advisory Sites
5 8 6


Complete product integration with linkedIn lead gen forms

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee1 percentage tracked1 Product Integration
0% 100% 50%


Increase number of marketplaces from 1 to 5

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee1 increase kpi2 Number of MarketPlaces
1 5 3


#2: PPC Marketing OKR Examples

objective icon2Objective

David Griffin

Increase audience visibility via google(SEM)


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon2Key Results

Increase monthly number of unique visitors from 20K to 30K

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee1 increase kpi3 Monthly Number of Unique Visitors
20K 30K 22.48K


Increase monthly number of total visits from 60K to 100K

Q3-2020 increase kpi4 Monthly Number of Total Visits
60K 100K 75.81K


Improve Ad quality score from 3 to 8

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee2 increase kpi5 Ad Quality Score
3 8 5


#3: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) OKR Examples

objective iconObjective

David Griffin

Enhance Digital marketing


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon3Key Results

Improve SEO site health from 30% to 80%

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee1 increase kpi6 SEO Site Health
30% 80% 48%


Increase traffic through backlinks from 30% to 60%

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee1 increase kpi7 Traffic Through Backlinks
30% 60% 39%


Increase open rate for email marketing from 20% to 70%

Q3-2020 increase kpi8 Open Rate for Email
20% 70% 37%


#4: Product Marketing OKR examples

objective icon4Objective

David Griffin

Improve Lead Magnet Conversion


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon4Key Results

Maintain release of podcasts on products atleast 5 per week

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee2 control kpi1 Release of Podcasts On Products
2 8 4


Increase E-book downloads from 7% to 20%

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee1 increase kpi9 E-book Downloads
7% 20% 12%


Increase product promotion videos from 40 to 80

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee2 increase kpi10 Product Promotion Videos
40 80 47


#5: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) OKR Examples

objective icon5Objective

David Griffin

Improve Onpage SEO


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon5Key Results

Improve landing page loading speed from 120 secs to 05 secs

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee2 decrease kpi1 Loading Speed
120 Sec(s) 5 Sec(s) 104 Sec(s)


Rank for the top 10 keywords in organic search (Keyword Rank, Increase KPI)

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee2 increase kpi11 Keyword Rank
0 10 5


Decrease bounce rate from 78% to 50%

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee3 decrease kpi2 Bounce Rate
78% 50% 69%


#6: Social Media Marketing (SMM) OKR examples

objective icon6Objective

David Griffin

Improve social media branding


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon6Key Results

Increase engagement through linkedIn, twitter and youtube from 15% to 50%

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee2 increase kpi12 Multiple Social Media Platforms
15% 50% 26%


Increase twitter positive mentions from 80 to 150

Q3-2020 increase kpi13 Twitter Posting Frequency
80 150 118


Increase number of customer persona videos for youtube from 4 to 10

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee3 increase kpi14 Customer Persona Videos
4 10 7


#7: Product Marketing OKR examples

objective icon7Objective

David Griffin

Improve Brand Engagement


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon7Key Results

Increase # of active users from 2000 to 5000

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee3 increase kpi15 # of active users
2000 5000 2688


Increase customer success stories on website from 0 to 5

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee3 increase kpi16 Customer Success Stories On Website
0 5 4


Ensure brand consistency

Q3-2020 milestone tracked1 Brand Consistency
0% 100% 25%



#8: Social Media Marketing (SMM) OKR examples

objective icon8Objective

David Griffin

Increase Social Media Reach


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon8Key Results

Increase linkedin post shares from 40 to 60

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee3 increase kpi17 LinkedIn Post Shares
40 60 47


Maintain quora posts at 3 per week

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee4 control kpi2 Quora Posts
1 5 2


Post product feature and enhancement posts within 24 hours of the release

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee3 milestone tracked2 Product Feature And Enhancement Posts
0% 100% 60%


#9: Content Marketing OKR Examples

objective icon9Objective

David Griffin

Improve Existing Web Page Quality


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon9Key Results

Add at least 5 target keywords For 15 webpages

Q3-2020 control kpi3 Target Keywords
2 8 4


Replace existing images with custom-designed graphics For 15 webpages

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee5 percentage tracked2 Custom-Designed Graphics
0 15 4


Add relevant infographics for at least 25 recently added blogs

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee4 increase kpi18 Infographics
0 25 11


#10: Inbound Marketing OKR Examples

objective icon10Objective

David Griffin

Improve Domain Authority


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key-icon10Key Results

Increase internal linking from 1 to 3 links/blog

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee4 increase kpi19 Internal Linking
1 3 2


Increase high-quality links to 40

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee4 increase kpi20 High-Quality Links
0 40 13


Disavow bad links at 10% per month

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee4 decrease kpi3 Bad Links
10% 0% 9%



Profit.co’s OKR software provides an intuitive interface to define your Marketing OKRs and also comes with 300+ predefined KPIs to make OKR adoption easy.

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