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  • Customers are now incredibly well-informed as they have extensive information about products and services in their finger-tips: reviews from other customers, feedback from industry analysts, and of course, information from company and competitor websites and social media channels. This makes the job of sales highly challenging as they need to cut through the clutter to gain the attention of the customer and positively influence the decision-making process.
  • The key metrics related to sales – leads, opportunities, funnel, wins and losses are typically captured in a CRM which is generally available in every organization.
  • The purpose of OKRs is to go beyond the metrics captured in CRM – Improving the various aspects of the sales process, for example improving “Trial to paid conversion ratio”, “Partner-led revenue”, “demo to trial ratio”, “sales cycle time” are all great metrics to track the efficiency and productivity of the sales team through OKRs. Weekly check-ins and regular reviews will ensure problems surface early and improve the competitiveness of the firm.
  • Sales OKRs also can clearly define the interdependencies with other functions like Marketing, Engineering, and Customer Success and ensure that all the teams are on the same page through a transparent OKR scoreboard that improves collaboration, teamwork, and accountability.

#1: Increase User Base

Customers are more well-informed and research-savvy than ever. Ensuring that you provide your potential clients with extensive information about your products and services is the key to gaining trust and increasing your user base. Writing an OKR for this goal will ensure that ample time, effort, and resources are allocated to reach this important and impactful Objective.

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objective icon1Objective

David Griffin

Increase User Base


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon1Key Results

Increase number of paid users from 400 to 10K

Q3-2020 increase kpi1 Number of Paid Users
400 10K3068


Increase inbound lead to sales conversion rate from 6% to 15%

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee1 increase kpi2 Inbound Lead to Sales Conversion Rate
6% 15%11%


Increase outbound leads from 20 to 130

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee1 increase kpi3 Outbound Leads
20 13043


#2: Build Strategic Partnerships and Channels

An important component of the sales department that leaders need to consider is their network of other businesses. Allying your business with other companies who have similar target audiences is an excellent tactic that can prove beneficial for both sides of the partnership. Dedicating an OKR to help build up these relationships is a great idea for any business that is seeking to increase growth and their network.

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objective icon2Objective

David Griffin

Build Strategic Partnerships and Channels


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon2Key Results

Establish partnership with 5 new consulting firms

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee1 percentage tracked1 Partnership
0 10024


Increase revenue from $10K to $100K through partners

Q3-2020 increase kpi4 Revenue
$10K $100K$48.38K


Establish partnership With 4 Resellers

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee2 percentage tracked2 Partnership
0 10020


#3: Increase Inbound Demo Success

A good sales department ensures that their customer feels confident in their choice of product. To help solidify this confidence and convince customers to select your product over another company’s, you can focus an OKR on improving the success of demos.

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objective icon3Objective

David Griffin

Increase Inbound Demo Success


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon3Key Results

Increase Inbound demo to trial conversion from 0 to 240

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee1 increase kpi5 Inbound Demo to trial conversion
0 24014


Convert 60% scheduled demos to demo closed for US

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee1 percentage tracked3 Inbound Demos
0% 100% 40%


Optimize demo followup process

Q3-2020 milestone tracked1 Demo Followup Process
0% 100% 10%



#4: Strengthen Pre-Sales Process

Ensuring customers are introduced to your company positively and providing them with the information they need to feel comfortable purchasing your product or service is the necessary first step to closing a deal. By developing an OKR to strengthen the presales process, a sales team can improve their customers’ experiences and effect growth within their company.

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objective icon4Objective

David Griffin

Strengthen Pre-Sales Process


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon4Key Results

Maintain initial response time of< 5 min for at least 90% of the leads

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee2 control kpi1 Initial Response Time of < 5 Min
45% 135%65%


Attend at least one enterprise sales webinar attend in a month

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee1 control kpi2 Enterprise Sales Webinar
0 2



Establish pre-sales knowledge base

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee2 milestone tracked2 Pre Sales Knowledge Base
0% 100% 35%



#5: Create Customer-Facing Content to Help Sales/Support

To draw customer attention and demonstrate use of your product or service at full potential, your sales department can create customer-facing content. While this goal requires effort and skill, it is a highly impactful goal and, when achieved, can positively impact sales and customer experience within your company.

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objective icon5Objective

David Griffin

Create Customer-Facing Content to Help Sales/Support


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon5Key Results

Write 26 promotional posts to help promote the product

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee2 increase kpi6 Promotion Posts
0 266


Increase number of product demo videos from 10 to 20

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee2 increase kpi7 Number of Product Demo Videos
10 2014


Increase number of online reviews from 0 to 15

Q3-2020 img-alice-assignee3 increase kpi8 Number Online Reviews
0 155


#6: Strengthen Sales Team

While every department should have an ongoing goal for improvement and increasing their strength as a team, writing an OKR brings intentionality and attention to this goal, and commits time and effort to truly ensure that it happens. While this objective might seem intangible, strong and specific key results can make it a reality, resulting in a stronger sales team, and a stronger company.

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objective icon6Objective

David Griffin

Strengthen Sales Team


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon6Key Results

Decrease average time taken to convert a prospect into a customer from 18 to 10 days

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee2 decrease kpi1 Average Time Taken
18 Day(s) 10 Day(s)17 Day(s)


Conduct at least one training program per month

Q3-2020 control kpi3 Training Program
0 Month(s) 2 Month(s)

1 Month


Establish sales process

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee3 milestone tracked3 Sales Process
0% 100% 50%



#7: Establish Active Resellers Channel

Solidifying relationships with channel partners and being able to anticipate purchases and maintain continued communication with important clients is an important component of a sales department’s duties. Developing an OKR that specifically targets this goal is important and impactful for a sales department, and the success of a company.

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objective icon7Objective

David Griffin

Establish Active Resellers Channel


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon7Key Results

Generate 500 demos from channel partners

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee3 increase kpi9 Demos From Channel Partners
0 500122


Close 100 deals from channel partners

Q3-2020 img increase kpi10 Deals
0 10023


Generate $2M in ARR from partners

Q3-2020 increase kpi11 ARR
$1M $2M$1.12M


#8: Increase Customer Engagement

Finding ways to keep customers interested and responsive is an important component of making a successful sale and building relationships with customers. Increasing customer engagement means that customers are spending more time with your brand and are more likely to be repeat or long-term customers. This high-effort, high-impact objective can be achieved through well-developed and substantial key results.

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objective icon8Objective

David Griffin

Increase Customer Engagement


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon8Key Results

Increase customer satisfaction score from 20% to 80%

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee3 increase kpi12 Customer Satisfaction Score
20% 80%30%


Document common outcomes from customers FAQ during webinars

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee4 milestone tracked4 Outcomes
0% 100% 30%



Complete integration of event-triggered campaigns

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee3 percentage tracked4 Integration
0 10025


#9: Build a Robust Demo Pipeline for Americas

A sales department needs to adapt and develop as the company expands and changes. Creating specific goals that help your team navigate their priorities in times like this is a great use of OKRs and an excellent way to focus effort and effect positive change.

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objective icon9Objective

David Griffin

Build a Robust Demo Pipeline for Americas


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon9Key Results

Increase outbound demos from 15 to 75

Q3-2020 increase kpi13 Outbound Demos
15 7532


Qualify at least 60 leads from monthly webinars

Q3-2020 img-roger-smith-assignee5 control kpi4 Monthly Webinars
30 100



Maintain at least 125 new outbound emails per week

Q3-2020 img-adams-assignee3 control kpi5 New Outbound Emails Per Week
62 180



#10: Increase Annual Recurring Revenue

While increasing revenue is perhaps always on a sales department’s list of goals, creating a specific OKR to target a certain aspect of this goal, like increasing annual recurring revenue, can help focus effort and coordinate your team. Developing specific, impactful key results that are substantial and time-bound is a great way to see motivation and progress within your team as well as benefit the entire company.

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objective icon10Objective

David Griffin

Increase Annual Recurring Revenue


Target Date: Q3-2020

Visibility: All Employees

key icon10Key Results

Increase annual renewals from 75% to 90%

Q3-2020 img-bertram-assignee4 increase kpi14 Annual Renewals
75% 90%78%


Increase lead conversion to sales from 20% to 40%

Q3-2020 img-benny-powell-assignee4 increase kpi15 Lead Conversion To Sales
20% 40%27%


Revamp customer acquisition process

Q3-2020 img-jack-assignee4 milestone tracked5 Customer Acquisition Process
0% 100% 25%




Profit.co’s OKR software provides an intuitive interface to define your Sales OKRs and also comes with 300+ predefined KPIs to make OKR adoption easy.

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