Engineering OKRs

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Your engineering team faces a set of challenges unique to its field. The OKR method can be a powerful and effective tool to align your engineering team’s objectives against the types of objectives and goals seen in other departmental pursuits.

The OKR method is an objective management tool that breaks down goals into objectives. Objectives serve as the overarching end goals that you want your engineering team to achieve.

Ideally your objective should feel just almost out of reach — it should be attainable but highly ambitious. This is what drives your engineering team to new levels.

So, an OKR for your engineering team may look like this:

  • Objective: Increase data security
  • Key results:
    • Reduce data breaches to 0
    • Increase data recovery rate to 100%

The use of OKR’s in the engineering field paves the way for exploring new technological advancements and engaging with the higher-level OKR’s that have landed in your engineering department.

OKR’s are particularly conducive to productivity in a technology-based department given that the bread and butter of an effective OKR is measurable, quantifiable and finite. For a field like engineering in which so much of your team’s output and daily productivity revolves around hard data and the correction of quantifiable problems, OKR will serve your engineering teams well.

Due to the nature of the work involved, your engineering team relies heavily on a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork. Because the OKR is so cross-functional and transparent, engineering teams that adopt this framework are able to communicate and collaborate with ease.

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