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A website has to gain visibility and that can be the result of several optimizations we do with each page of the website. An objective to increase the visibility of the webpage will be supported by a positive User Experience(UX). Of the many factors that can impact UX, page loading time has an important role. So, decreasing Page load time by 100 ms can be a KR for this Objective. Likewise, for the page to gain visibility, we have to create internal linking to the other pages and that can form another KR. Adding transcripts for the video scripts is also favourable from the SEO standpoint and hence, adding transcripts for videos can be another KR.

After having created websites with such objectives, most SEO teams want to increase engagement with website visitors. They can measure the progress towards their objective using the following potential indicators:

1. Pageviews from SEO efforts
By focusing on your search engine optimization to increase your page views, you’re more likely to increase your website engagement. For example, if your website is currently getting 1,200 views a week, aim to achieve 5,000 views.

2. Bounce rate
Bounce rate is a KPI that measures the percentage of people who land on your website, don’t interact, and leave the page. If your bounce rate is currently 65%, decreasing it to 40% by updating metadata, using descriptive links and alt tags will have a considerable impact on website engagement.

3. Avg. pages per visit
Your number of page visits is an excellent indicator of how relevant and interesting your content is. Increasing your average pages per visit from 2 to 4 by publishing relevant content and completing regular updates will have a huge impact on your website engagement.

These units of measurement can ultimately help SEO teams accomplish their OKR:

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