How does Profit support continuous learning on the OKR performance during the period_

Category: Product.’s OKR philosophy is summarized by the PEEL approach. The “L” in our “PEEL” approach, refers to Learning and is key and an extremely important ingredient of an OKR program’s continued success.

You may not achieve the planned progress for a key result, but may have learnt all the different ways that don’t work.


I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Thomas Edison

That is super beneficial and if you can institutionalize learning, your organizations will reap enormous benefits by avoiding past mistakes, while building on past successes. Profit supports hashtagged conversations that can customized needs and allows you to tag & share your learnings during:

  • Check-Ins
  • OKR Reviews
  • Quarter end reflections

Weekly check-ins

While checking in, you provide comments to provide additional context to your progress. In that field, you can use hashtags to tag that comment as a learning.


While filling out reviews against your OKRs, you can use hashtags to tag a portion of the review to be shared with your colleagues. For example:

  • You can record a learning using #learning as part of your progress last week.
  • You can warn others using a #neverworks tag.
  • You can ask for help using #needhelp as part of filling out a plan.

Hashtagged conversations

Hashtagged conversations can be accessed from one central location. Users can browse, comment, and like these conversations.

Recent conversation

Users can add hashtags in their comments or reviews by clicking on the “#” button and selecting from the suggestions.

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