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What is Task Management?

Task management is an integral part of Project Management. It is a way of breaking up the entire project into a series of tasks that need to get done. Each task and sub-task is important. For a project to be successfully completed, it’s important that all the associated tasks and sub-tasks be managed efficiently.

Task management is the process of monitoring all the tasks involved in the various stages of a project right from the development of an idea, planning, tracking, testing, monitoring, right through to the completion of the task. It’s a very useful tool to have as it can accommodate real-time changes and helps complete the project in the most efficient manner.

Why is Task Management important?

Task management can help capture, organize and assign every task and subtask that needs to be done to complete the project. When all the tasks sit in one centralized location, it not only helps focus on tasks that actually need doing but is also accessible to all members of the team and everyone knows what tasks need to be done priority, the due date, next steps and the owner. It facilitates transparency in the project and in the associated tasks, as the whole team depends on its members.

Following are some of the benefits of task management:

  • Boosts productivity
  • High priority tasks get done on time
  • Speeds up tasks
  • Tasks get assigned to the right people
  • Task ownership comes with notifications to keep people on track
  • There’s clarity on how to go about getting things done
  • Get a clear picture of the status and progress of the project
  • Improves collaboration and therefore team members benefit from each other as they all work towards a common goal

Task Management skills help stay on track

A very important Task Management skill is Risk Management.

More often than not, things do not work out the way we expect them to. Things change. Someone might quit. A new person might join. The client might ask for a major change in the project. One must bear in mind that such situations might occur right out of the blue. The task management system helps take stock of the situation, adjust, and get back on track. Having a strategy in place that helps take on risks and manage them to swing things in our favor, will go a long way in the successful completion of a project.

It helps with Time Management as well. When there are well-defined tasks, the priorities for each task will be clear. There will be a better understanding of what needs to be done and when to do it. There will be a proper schedule in place and hours will be blocked for certain tasks. All of this makes Time Management easier.

In Conclusion

Task management is an important process that allows managers to ensure the project progresses like a well oil machine, and helps monitor the time employees spend on a task, the ongoing and completed tasks, and an employee’s workload and performance. When they have this information, it can be used to reassess and balance workloads, forecast any hindrance to progress and take measures against delays and missed deadlines.

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