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The 9 box matrix or 9 box grid is a matrix tool that evaluates and plots the organization’s talent pool based on many factors like performance assessment, potential assessment,goal score, OKR score, Manager’s overall rating, self overall rating, and secondary reviewers’ overall rating. These factors can be plotted on the X-axis (horizontal) and Y-axis (vertical) based on the requirement.

Employees’ self-assessment score and their performance assessment scores(which is given by others), will be averaged to determine where they will fall on the 9 Box Matrix.

In you can create 9 box matrix can be created using the following window,

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance→ Dashboard from the left navigation panel.

Dashboard navigation

Step 2

Click on the + icon to create a new 9-Box Matrix.

Create 9 Box matrix

In the following 9 Box Matrix, the X-axis denotes the Performance Assessment and the Y-axis denotes the Potential Assessment.

9 Box Grid

You can also edit the plotted factors and their description and can customize them based on your needs.

Based on their respective scores, employees will be labeled as follows: Under Performer, Assess, Enigma, Effective Employee, Core Employee, Growth Employee, Trusted Employee, High Impact Contributor, and Star.

To know more about How to customize 9 box matrices in, click here.

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