Category: 9 Box Matrix.

After an employee has completed their self-assessment and their performance assessment has been completed by others, their scores will be averaged to determine where they will fall on the 9 Box Matrix.

The 9 Box Matrix is a dashboard that combines an individual’s potential assessment and performance assessment scores, and places them in one of the nine boxes accordingly.

9 box metrics

An employee’s potential assessment sits on the Y-axis, and their performance assessment on the X-axis, based on their respective scores, they will either be labeled: Under Performer, Assess, Enigma, Effective Employee, Core Employee, Growth Employee, Trusted Employee, High Impact Contributor, and Star.

To view which employee falls in which box, select the “Employee(s)” button in the middle.

Employee category

You’ll then be able to see the employee listed below, with their performance and potential rating.

From there, HR can recommend the employee begin an Individual Development Plan to steer the employee to their next career step, or a Performance Improvement Plan to reform any bad habits or unprofessional behavior.

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