Average Inventory Ratio

The purpose of this article is to explain the characteristics of the average inventory ratio, how to calculate the ratio, and why it is utilized. For one thing, the average inventory ratio is known as a usage ratio that specifically calculates how much time it takes a firm to sell its inventory. Expressly, it points… Read more »

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Average Lead Score

Lead scoring represents the process of assessing the quality of marketing and sales leads by factoring in standard criteria and specific targets. Essentially, these criteria and targets are varied, depending on the buyer’s activity, demographics and user behavior.Usually, these criteria are established by investigating the individualities of an existing customer base. To that end, lead… Read more »

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Average Payment Period – The Specifics

Also known as an important solvency ratio, the average payment period (APP) assesses how much time it takes for a business to pay its vendors, in the case of purchases made on credit. Many times, when a business makes an important purchase, credit arrangements are made beforehand. These arrangements might give the buyer a specific… Read more »

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Average Payment Period for Production Materials

When a company wants to analyze the performance of its supply chain, there are several metrics that can be used in this respect. Generally speaking, each individual supply chain performance metric outlines specific information. Essentially, depending on what you want to find out, you can use particular metrics, or, preferably, you might use a combination… Read more »

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Average Profit Margin

As a business owner, it is utterly mandatory to turn to mathematics and formulas in order to track your financial operations. Categorically, there’s no way in which you can assess whether your business is successful or not without being fully aware of the relationship between the investments made and the revenue generated. This brings us… Read more »

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Average Purchase Value

When talking about the Average Purchase Value, it is referred to the average sales value of each processed sales transaction. Basically, it shows you what’s the average amount that is currently spent on one of your products or services, in an individual transaction. Depending on, for example, the length of the average contract or your… Read more »

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Average Retirement Age

Depending on the country or state that they live in, everyone has an age at which they are legally allowed to retire. However, there are also cases when people tend to retire early – or later than they were supposed to. Still, considering that every company needs to have a plan, you also need to… Read more »

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Average Tenure

When an employee is satisfied with a company, they will remain with it until the end – or at least, until they find a better opportunity. On the other hand, if an employee is dissatisfied with their experience within a certain company, they will try their best to leave as soon as possible – ending,… Read more »

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Average Time on Page

The “average time on page” is an online marketing metric that helps the owner of a certain website track the amount of time the users of the said website spend on its pages. With the help of this metric, one can find out which of his pages is performing well and has a lot of… Read more »

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Average Time to Fill a Job Vacancy

When your company is left with an open position it is basically understaffed – this also means that your company probably has some of its operations disrupted or canceled, which in turn means that you can lose money just because of a vacant job position. This is where the Average Time to Fill a Job… Read more »

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