Website Traffic Lead Ratio

To start with, the website traffic lead ratio provides specific information concerning the number of website visitors that actually converts to leads. This metric is, without a doubt, really useful, as it allows you to assess the quality of your website traffic, and whether you should change your strategy or not. In addition, it is… Read more »

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What Is the Debt to Income Ratio?

The debt to income ratio is considered to be a valuable number – some people even say that it is as important as one’s credit score. As the name already suggests, this is a personal finance instrument that measures your amount of debt in comparison with your monthly income. Hence, it indicates the percentage of… Read more »

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Working Capital Ratio

If you’re here, it’s because you are most likely curious about what the working capital ratio is and how it works. Also called the current ratio, the working capital ratio is a liquidity ratio, and it’s used to estimate a company’s ability to repay its current liabilities with current assets. Therefore, it’s important as it… Read more »

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Yield Percentage

How can a company assess that its recruiting process is efficient or not? One of the ways in which you can do that is by utilizing a range of relevant recruiting metrics. When used accordingly, recruiting analytics can outline a range of essential specifications. More specifically, these could indicate whether your external recruiting efforts provide… Read more »

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Wondering what a Z-Score is? Well, it’s basically an estimation of the number of standard deviations a point is away from the mean of its data set. It’s sometimes called standard score, and overall it means that it measures the standard deviations a data point is below or above the mean population. Its use is… Read more »

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