Cost per Action (CPA)

The Cost per Action is a payment model used in online advertising, in which the payment is based only on actions that are qualified as a return – for example, registrations in different websites or sales. Before starting a Cost per Action campaign on a website, a cost-per-action agreement will be made between the two… Read more »

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Cost per Hire

Judging by the name of this metric, Cost per Hire refers to the amount of money your company spends in order to hire a person. On its own, this metric offers insight only on how much you spend per individual hired – but when paired with the Recruiting Budget metric, you can determine how much… Read more »

HR Metrics
Cost per Lead Metric

The cost per lead is an essential metric for several reasons. A marketing campaign is only profitable when it reaches its target – right? And the safest way in which you can ensure that it has actually reached its target is by analyzing the results it generated. This is where the cost per land metric… Read more »

Marketing Metrics
Coupon Conversion

Coupons are a customer’s dream since they allow them to buy a certain product at a lower price. In the eyes of a small business, this might seem like a black hole which might cause them to lose revenue – but in the long run, the effect might be entirely different. You just need to… Read more »

Sales Metrics
Current Ratio

The current ratio refers to a company’s ability to use its current assets in order to pay off its short-term liabilities. This ratio is labeled as an efficiency and liquidity ratio and it is also an important measure of the latter mentioned liquidity as the short-term liabilities are due mostly within the next

Financial Metrics
Customer Acquisition

As soon as you start your own business, either it’s selling a product or a service, you and the rest of the team that’s handling it will set the business’ growth goals. Basically, you want the sales to increase over time – and, naturally, you can’t rely on the same old customers to buy more… Read more »

Sales Metrics
Customer Attrition

Customers don’t always stay with a company forever. For multiple reasons, they leave, and you are left with fewer customers than before. There is a way to measure the rate at which customers leave. It is called customer attrition. If you’re on this page, you probably want to find out more about it. So, let’s… Read more »

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Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

Over the course of your company’s relationship with a client, he/she is the one generating profit for the entire time. But did you know that there’s a way to measure the amount of gross profit? It’s called customer lifetime value, or LTV for short, and it is one of the main stats that are likely… Read more »

Marketing Metrics
Customer Order Cycle Time

As a business owner, you must already know how important customers are for your company. Not only are they the core of your success but keeping them loyal and fulfilling their orders in time should definitely be one of your top priorities. How can you make sure that the orders you’re fulfilling reach their expectations… Read more »

Supply Chain Metrics
Customer Share by Category

Today we’ll be looking in customer share and why this is one more important than market share, in our opinion. We’ll explain why the first should be your point of focus when creating your content, selling your products and services, and when deciding over an advertisement plan. Some decades ago, businesses were all about market… Read more »

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