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Category: General comes seeded with a vast number of commonly used job titles in companies, You can customize and assign Job titles to every user in the organization. 

Why this feature?

By using this feature, You can edit or create new job titles for your users in your organization. You can customize the title by adding descriptions and competencies to the employees in the organization. 

Note: Only Super Users can create Job titles.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → User Management from the left navigation panel. Under Job Titles page, you will find the predefined Job Titles, and Job Title Codes. You can,

  • Enable or disable the Job Titles using the toggle .
  • Edit your Job Title details by clicking on the action icon

To create a new job title click on Create Job Title icon.

Step 2

In the Create page, you can add the Job Title, Description, Code, and Monthly points quota. You can also add Competencies to the Job Title.   

For instance, let’s create a Job Title for a Customer Success Manager.

  • Enter the Name (of new job title) - Customer Success Manager.
  • Description (optional) - Develop and manage client portfolios, Sustain our business growth and maximize the value offered to clients.
  • Enter Job title code - CSM001

Select Performance Competencies to suit the Customer Success Manager and add Proficiency Level. Once done, click on the Create button.

Step 3

Now, a new job title called Customer Success Manager is created and will be listed on the Job Titles page.

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