How do I generate a performance review?

Category: OKRs allows you to generate a performance review of your employees. The admin and HR manager can now generate the performance report of an employee or the team using the recently introduced filters.

Why this feature?

This feature helps you to refine the performance reviews based on the attributes which you choose. By using this filter option you can easily generate the performance report of any employee without any time-lapse.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance→ Reports → Competencies/Performance from the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the Competencies/Performance page, you can see the option to filter and get the reports, based on the following attributes like

  • Filter by
  • Employee/Manager name
  • Grade
  • Job Title
  • Review title

Once you select the required fields with which you want to filter and get the report, you can click on the Generate button. Here the reports of the Manager’s review are selected.


Step 3:

The report based on the selected attributes will be displayed in the Results section along with the Comments, as you enable the Comment toggle.


Step 4:

Once the report appears on the Results page, you can view the performance review of each manager based on the listed attributes in the column. Here, we have displayed the generated performance review of Adam Holt.

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