How do I fill up a 360 assessment?

Category: Performance allows you to generate a performance review of your employees. A review completing the performance review cycle is known as a 360 assessment. The admin and HR manager can initiate the performance reviews for the employees.

Why this Feature?

By using this feature, users can add employees as reviewers to evaluate their performance. The user can add Peers and Matrix Managers to the assessment. If added as a reviewer, the user will receive a feedback request which can be accessed via Pending request and from the Action Center. This 360 assessment cycle will be completed when they submit the review.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance→ Feedback Requests → Pending in the left navigation panel.

Feedback Request Navigation

Step 2:

Select the review from the Feedback Requests: Pending page.

Pending Request

You can also access the initiated review from the Action Center.

Action Center

Step 3:

In the Performance Review page, Move the Slider to provide the ratings and enter comments to the review by clicking on the Comments button.

Performance Review Assessments

Step 4:

Once you complete the assessment, click on Submit.

Submit Assessment

The completed assessment will be submitted to the performance review.

Assessment Completed

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