How do I decline a 360 assessment Feedback Request?

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As a Multisource feedback review, 360-degree feedback seeks to collect employee performance reviews from multiple sources. allows you to decline a 360 assessment Feedback request.

Why this feature?

A user who has been requested to review the performance of an employee can decline the feedback request. Once you decline the feedback request it will no longer exist in the Pending Feedback Request but will be moved to the decline section under Feedback requests.

Step 1


Go to Performance → Feedback Requests → Pending in the left navigation panel.


Step 2

The list of Pending 360 Assessment Feedback will be displayed in the Feedback Requests Pending window, Now you can click on any 360 Assessment requests you wish to decline.


Step 3

The selected Pending 360 assessment form will now appear.


Step 4

Click on the Decline button at the bottom of the 360 assessment form to decline the performance review Feedback request from the selected user.


The Declined Feedback request will no longer be displayed under pending Feedback requests and can be found under Declined feedback requests.

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