How to create Key Results using Task Tracking non measurables Key Result Type in

Category: OKRs provides an option to create Key Results using non measurable Task Tracking feature.

Why this Feature?

Task Tracked key result is one of the non measurable ways how you can create the key results. By using this feature you can create a Key Result that is directly associated with your task. So that you can track the progress of your selected tasks from the workspace via the key result that you have created.

Step 1

When you create a key result Using Form, select Task tracked key result from the Key result type.


Step 2

Next in the Associated Tasks field, select the field from the workspace to associate the tasks related to it. Here Digital Marketing is selected.

You can also create a workspace using the + icon.


Step 3

In the Tracking Type field, select Completed Tasks %, to track the progress of the key result based on the completion rate of the tasks.


Step 4

So, here you can see the To do tasks and In Progress tasks under Digital Marketing.


Step 5

When you scroll down you can see the Completed tasks of the Digital Marketing workspace.


Step 6

Based on the above-mentioned workspace, the progress of the key result will be updated. As there are completed tasks in the workspace, 53% of the key result is progressed as per the completion rate of the completed tasks.We will reach progress 100% when the remaining tasks present in different statuses are Completed.


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