How can HR Admins update the user information of an employee in the Performance module of

Category: Performance provides an option for HR admins to add and modify the user information of an employee directly from the Employee Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

  • HR Admins can update the user information and department details from a single window dashboard.
  • HR Admins can add Matrix Manager, HR Business Partner, and Secondary Reviewer to an employee in the organization from the Employee Dashboard.
  • They can also update incentives and add proxy users for employees.
Note: Users who enabled the performance module can have their user information updated by HR Admins in the employee dashboard.

Step 1:

Navigate to Performance → HR Administration → Employees from the left navigation menu.

Employee navigation

Step 2:

On the Employee Dashboard, click on the Edit icon of the employee to modify user information.

Employee dashboard

Step 3:

On the Update User panel, HR Admins can update the Personal Information of the employee and can enable the Enable login? toggle based on organizational needs.

HR Admins can also terminate the user by clicking on the Terminate button in the top right corner.

Personal information

Step 4:

In the Department Details section, HR Admins can modify and update the details of the Manager, Department, Job Title, Date of Joining, and Last Access date.

HR Admins can also add HR Business Partners and Matrix Managers to the user.

Department Details

Step 5:

In the Incentive section, the incentive amount can be updated in accordance with employee performance.

In the Profit Access Information section, you can assign and edit user Roles and add/remove Proxy users to the employee.

In the System Information, you can view the Created and Modified data information of the employee.

Once you click on Update, the modifications will be updated to the user information.

Update user info

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