How could HR change department details for a user from the Performance module of HR Administration menu?

Category: Performance provides an option for the HR to add/change details of an employee directly from the HR Dashboard.

Why this Feature?

Previously only SuperUsers had the access to Update it. But now by providing access HR can also update the Employee's Information.

Step 1:

To provide the access to the user go to Settings → Performance → Reviews.


In the Employee Performance Review add a user as an Initiator, who is not already a Superuser.


For instance, add the user Ann Bell as an Initiator who is not a SuperUser.


After adding the user’s name it will be reflected as given below.


Step 2:

The user Ann Bell can change other employees’ department details by going to Performance → HR Administration → Employees and update them.


Note: Initiators who are not SuperUsers will be able to change only department details like the manager, secondary manager, department, job title, grade, and Date Of Joining and they won’t be able to create or terminate users as they will be disabled.


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