How do I fill a Peer assessment through the Action Center?

Category: Performance

You can complete the peer assessment via Action center in using the below Steps.

Step 1

Login and click on the Action Center icon from the universal navigation menu bar that is on the top right corner.

Step 2

After clicking on the Action Center, select Assessments → Peer from the right panel.

Step 3

Now click on the View button of the peer for who you wish to submit your assessment.

Step 4

The peer assessment form of the selected user will appear.

Note : In case if you want to access the Comments section, clicking on the Comments button will open the comments box where you can write on your comments for any competency of the peer during the case where you want to say more about it. Enter your comments in the comment box.

Step 5

Give your rating on the provided competencies by clicking on the node of the horizontal rating Bar.

Step 6

Once you complete the review , click on the Save button. This will save the review Inputs and these can be edited later if needed. If you don’t wish to submit your assessment, click on Cancel.

Note: If you click on the Decline button the feedback request will be changed. You can view it by navigating to Performance → Feedback Requests → Declined. After clicking the save button you can review again to check the horizontal bar and comments and finally Submit it.

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