How do I fill up a Manager assessment form?

Category: Performance allows managers to assess the performance of the employees from an initiated review aiding in performance monitoring of the individual.

Why this feature?

  • Manager assessment helps in evaluating the performance of the employees, which enables them to learn and develop the skillset and the knowledge needed.
  • Employee evaluations are based on their Competencies, Goals, OKRs, and Q&As.

Note: Manager assessment can be done following the completion of self-assessment by an Individual.

Managers can access the assessment through the Action Center.

Action Center

Step 1

Navigate to Performance → Reviews in the left navigation panel. On the Reviews page, click on the Manager tab and any initiated review for assessment.

My Reviews

Step 2

In the Assessment Dashboard, select the Manager Assessment of your subordinate, you can utilize filters to view only your employees' assessments. 

Step 3

Select the Employee from the left directory panel to perform manager assessment.

In the Performance Review tab, you can view the submitted Self Assessment of the employee before assessing the individual.

You can also include supporting documents in the Documents section.


Step 4

 You can perform the 1 on 1 assessment if it’s enabled.

After completing the assessment click on Submit.


Note: Managers can perform Check-ins for OKRs if included in the performance review when the individual hasn't submitted the self-assessments.

After completing the assessment click on Submit.

Submit Review

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