How do I initiate a Review?

Category: Performance provides an option to initiate a new review to the employees present in the organization. 

Why this feature?

  • This feature helps the managers and the top management assess the employee's performance concerning their roles and responsibilities in the organization.
  • Providing employees with valuable feedback on their work, leading to increased motivation and job satisfaction.

Step 1

Navigate to  Performance →  HR Administration → Reviews from the left navigation panel and click on the + Initiate Review button.

Step 2

An Initiate Review side panel will appear. Select the Review Template, and Q&A Template for the review.

Provide a Review Title, Period, and the Access List for the review

Select the Joined Before date and the Review Scope within the organization.

Enable the Add Peer Reviewers toggle if you wish to include peer assessments and select a suitable option per organizational needs. 

Step 3

In the Scheduler Options, set the specific date to Auto Close on the review. You can also set additional Grace Days to complete the assessment.

The Review Level and End Date for the review participants can be configured. 

Once done, Finally on the Initiate button.

You will also be able to Schedule the Initiate Performance Reviews.

Note: In the performance assessment, you have the flexibility to assign different dates for each assessment. Once you set a date for the self-assessment, you can schedule the manager assessment for the same date or any date thereafter.


The initiated Review will be added to the Performance Reviews page. 

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