How do I initiate a Review?

Category: Performance

You can now initiate a new review and also close an active review in

To Initiate a Review, a user must be added as an Initiator within the Organization. To initiate a review first, go to Settings → Performance → Reviews.

Type the user to whom you want to give access to initiate a review.

Step 1:

Go to Performance → HR Administration → Performance Reviews in the left navigation panel.

Step 2:

The list of previous Reviews initiated (if any) by the user will be listed here and it can be accessed by clicking on them. To Initiate a new review, click on the “+” button.

Initiate a Review

Step 3:

Create a review menu that opens up on the right. Users can type the text in the Review Headline, Review Description boxes respectively, and select the time period for the review.

Initiate a review panel

Step 4:

Once you are done adding text to headline and description Boxes, and Time period, you will find that the Review Scope gets visible to a specific team, department, or employees. Finally, click on the Initiate Button to finish creating a Periodic Performance Review.


The initiated review is now listed in the initiate reviews view.

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