How do I see the overall score of an employee in the performance review?

Category: Performance allows you to see the overall score of an employee in the performance review.

Why this feature? provides three score points in the Review summary information. These are automatically calculated after the manager has submitted his/her performance rating for the employee. With these scores, employee performance can be easily weighted.

Note: Only Super Users can enable the review summary score points from settings.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews in the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the Performance: Reviews page, scroll down to the Review Summary Information section and enable the Overall Percentage, Performance Score, and Score toggles.


Now you can see your manager's summary once they submit their rating.

For inference, let’s say the HR administrator has initiated a Performance review for Q2 Review and Allice Mills submitted her self-assessment, and her manager has submitted his rating.

In the Q2 Review page, click Completed(Submitted to HR).


Click Q2 Review, to view the performance review of Allice Mills.


Here you can see the overall scores in the Review Summary Information section.


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