How do I see the overall score of an employee in the performance review?

Category: Performance allows you to see the overall and final rating scores of an employee in the performance review.

Why this feature?

  • The overall and final rating scores of an employee can be customized to display in the Review summary information.
  • These scores are automatically calculated with the mean after the individuals involved in the review process submit their assessment.
  • Employee performance can be easily analyzed with the help of these scores.

Note: Only Super Users can enable and customize the review summary score points from Settings.

Step 1:

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews in the left navigation panel.


Step 2:

In the Reviews page, select the Summary Info tab and enable the following toggles to display the overall and final scores.

  • Final Overall Rating
  • Overall Percentage
  • Performance Score
  • Score
Summary info

Note: The Final Overall Rating is calculated based on the cumulative average of the participant's scores obtained during the review process.

Step 3:

Now navigate to HR Administration → Performance Reviews and select the Review you wish to view scores.


Step 4:

Select the Submitted Review from the HR Dashboard.

For instance, let’s consider the HR administrator has initiated an Employee Performance review 1 on 1 and Annie Freeman submitted her self-assessment, and her manager has submitted his rating.

HR Dashboard

Here you can see the Overall Percentage and Final scores in the Review Summary Information section.

Review summary info

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