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Performance reviews are for HRs and Managers that give more of a reliable and Precise evaluating opportunity on employees that help employees to assess themselves with accuracy in presenting their skills. It provides a 360-degree assessment of an employee.

A performance review will start with the self-assessment review followed by the feedback of the peers and finally, it will be evaluated by the managers. The main objective of the performance review is to give a better understanding of the employee by encouraging a good rapport between the employee and his peers thereby promoting personal growth and accountability. helps you to analyze the performance of your employee with performance reviews.

Why this feature?

This feature helps the managers and the top management to know about how the employees are working with respect to their roles and responsibilities in the organization.

There are 2 types of performance review supported in

1.Affinity Based performance Review and

2.Conversation and feedback

Both have the same type of order in flow as below :

Steps to initiate a review

Steps to complete self assessment

Steps to complete peer assessment (optional)

Steps to complete manager assessment

Steps to complete secondary review assessment

Steps to close review

Note: The only difference in Affinity based performance review is affinity Level or the weightage provided for reviews based on that.

Settings → Performance → Reviews → Affinity Levels


Note : Only Super user or initiators can initiate or close a review

Settings → Performance → Reviews → Initiators


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