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Performance reviews are for HRs and Managers that give more of a reliable and Precise evaluating opportunity on employees that help employees to assess themselves with accuracy in presenting their skills. helps you to analyze the performance of your employee with performance reviews.

Initiate a Review

Periodical reviews in an organization help in analyzing employees' performance and individual contributions to the company’s growth.

Self Assessment

Once the HR Administrator has initiated an employee performance review, every user can do their self-assessment under My Reviews in Self-assessment is an opportunity for all employees to showcase their achievements, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies.  

Peer Assessment

A peer assessment can help employees in an organization to reflect on their performance and areas where they can improve. This provides an opportunity for employees to give each other feedback and constructive criticism, which enables them to identify skill gaps and focus on learning them. Peer assessments promote team bonding and encourage everyone to upskill themselves.

Manager Assessment

Manager assessment will help in evaluating the performance of the employees, which enables them to learn and develop the skill set and the knowledge needed.

Secondary Reviewer

A secondary manager is superior to the manager in the organization. Once the manager completes the assessments and the Secondary manager can validate the awarded scores or they can re-evaluate and update the assessment. 

External Reviewer

An external reviewer who is outside the organization can perform an assessment on the employee who is inside the organization.

Employee Sign Off

Employee sign-off action indicates the acceptance of the review. This action can be set in motion when all the review participants such as the employee, peers, managers, secondary reviewer, and HR (if required) complete and submit their assessments.

HR Sign Off

HR Admin can perform HR sign-off action, on completion of performance review. Once the self, peers, managers, and secondary reviewers' assessment has been submitted HR can initiate the Sign-off process. HR Sign-off indicates that the review is complete.

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