How to perform HR Sign-off in Performance management?

Category: Performance allows HR Admin to perform HR sign-off action, on completion of performance review. Once the self, peers, managers, and secondary reviewers' assessment has been submitted HR can initiate the Sign-off process.

Why this Feature?

  • HR Sign-off indicates that the review is complete.
  • This feature helps in closing the review after all the objectives are achieved.
  • This action can only be performed when all the assessments are submitted.

Step 1:

To enable this step, navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left navigation panel.

Review Templates navigation

Step 2:

Click on the edit Edit icon of the Review template you want to make the changes to.

Edit Review template

Step 3:

In the Edit Review Template page, select the Review Process tab to enable the HR Sign-off toggle and click on the edit icon to Edit.

Review Process tab

Step 4:

Users can enable the HR cannot notify employees until all assessments are signed off based on the organizational needs.

HR Sign off options

Note: Users must click on the Update button to apply the action.

Step 5:

After enabling the HR Sign-off toggle, complete the below-mentioned review steps.

  • Initiate a review.
  • Complete self-assessment.
  • Complete Peer assessment (optional).
  • Complete Manager assessment.
  • Complete Secondary review assessment.
  • Complete Employee Sign-Off (optional).

Step 6:

Once you complete the above steps, the HR sign-off option for your review will be highlighted as shown below.

My Reviews page

Step 7:

In the HR Dashboard, click on the HR Sign-off button for the review.

HR sign off

Step 8:

Now click on the Sign-off button in the alert pop-up message to complete the review.

Sign off

Note: The HR sign-off can be done for individual employees and as well as for ‘n’ number of employees.

Step 9:

In the HR Dashboard, you can find the completed and signed-off review of the particular employee.

HR can notify the employee when the review is complete by clicking on The Notify Employees option as shown below.

Notify employee

A pop-up message will notify that All employees signed off by HR will be notified and can view their assessments, click Yes if you wish to notify the employees.


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