How to request re-evaluation in Employee sign-off ?

Category: Performance provides an option to the employees to request for Re-evaluation in the Employee Sign-off step during the performance review process.

Why this Feature?

Employee Sign-off indicates the acceptance of the performance review. In this step, if you feel the assessment done by the Manager/Secondary Reviewer differs from your perspective you can request a re-evaluation with the approval of HR.

Step 1:

Once the Secondary reviewer assessment has been completed, the employee who completed the self-assessment will be getting the pending status to sign off the assessment.

View and select the option Sign-off.

If you want Re-evaluation, provide the reason in the comment box and select Request re-evaluation.


Step 2:

This request will be sent to HR and they will have the option to Approve/Reject the request.


Once HR approves, the review will be reopened for the manager to reevaluate.


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