How does the External Reviewers option work in

Category: Performance provides an option to perform the assessment by an external employee to another user.

Why this feature?

Similarly, like Peer Assessments, externals can perform assessments if they are requested by any other employees.

Note: Only Super User have the access to enable the option for External Reviewers

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Review Templates from the left menu.

Under the Review Process menu enable the toggle for External Reviewers Assessment.

Step 2

Click on the Edit icon to modify the options in External Reviewers Assessment.

If a Performance Review is initiated, HR can set users to perform the External Reviewer's Assessment through the Performance Review Dashboard.

Add the name of the user and enter the email address.

Note: Similarly the user and the reporting manager can request other users for External Reviewers Assessment.

Finally, click Add.

Step 3

Once the External Reviewers are approved to provide feedback, the individuals will be notified via email. In the notification email, the external reviewers will get the link to provide feedback for the individuals. Once the external reviewers click the link, it’ll redirect to the assessment page to provide feedback.

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