What is secondary reviewer assessment in Profit.co?

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Profit.co provides an option for the secondary reviewer to assess the performance of an employee. The Secondary reviewer is the manager’s manager, and when the manager completes his assessment of an employee, a secondary reviewer will be able to assess the employee’s performance.

Why this feature?

  • This feature allows the secondary manager to review the overall Performance assessment process completed by self, peers, and managers.
  • Secondary reviewers have the authority to edit the manager’s overall ratings/comments and submit them to HR.
  • Secondary managers will also give the rating to the employee before submitting the assessment to HR.

Note: To perform a secondary reviewer assessment, at first you should enable the Secondary reviewer assessment toggle from settings, and only Super Users can do it.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews Template from the left navigation panel.

Reviews navigation

Step 2

In the Review template page, click on the Edit icon for the review.

Edit review

Step 3

Select the Review Process tab and enable the Secondary Reviewer Assessment toggle and click on Update.

Review Process

Note: To perform a secondary review assessment, the review process must complete the following assessment steps.

  • Self Assessment.
  • Peer Assessment (optional).
  • Manager Assessment.
Step 4

Once the manager completes his assessment of an employee, an Action Center event will be triggered for the secondary level manager.

Action Center

Users can also Navigate to Performance → Secondary Reviewer from the left navigation panel to access the review for assessment.

Secondary Reviewer navigation

Step 5

On the Secondary Reviewer page, select the Review to complete the Secondary review assessment. 

Note: Only the reviews assigned to the secondary reviewer will be displayed in this window. 


You can now complete the Secondary Reviewer assessment by giving your rating.


Note: The rating slider appearance for the overall rating option for the secondary reviewer can be customized in the Settings according to organizational needs.

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