What is secondary reviewer assessment in Profit.co?

Category: Performance

You can conduct a secondary reviewer assessment in Profit.co via the following steps.

Note: To perform secondary reviewer assessment, at first you should enable the Secondary reviewer assessment toggle from settings, and only super users can do it.

Step 1

Navigate to Settings → Performance → Reviews from the left navigation panel.

Step 2

In the Performance Review Process section, enable the Secondary Reviewer Assessment toggle.

Secondary Reviewer Assessment

Step 3

To perform a secondary review assessment complete the following assessment review.

Steps to complete self assessment

Steps to complete peer assessment (optional)

Steps to complete manager assessment

Note: When the secondary level assessment is enabled - for Peer assessment, adding reviewers for peers review, secondary level manager’s name should not be displayed in the list of peer reviewers.

Once the manager completes his assessment for a user an Action center event will be triggered to the secondary level manager if the toggle for secondary Level Manager is enabled in Settings

Action center

Step 4

Note: The action center event and the menu should be enabled only to users who have at least two levels of the hierarchy below them.

4.1 You can go to the “Secondary Review Assessment requested” page via Action center

Secondary Review Assessment requested

4.2 You can Navigate to Performance → Secondary Reviewer from the left navigation panel.

4.2.1 Click on the review name to complete the Secondary review

Secondary review

4.2.2 You can now complete the Secondary reviewer assessment by giving your rating.

Secondary reviewer assessment

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